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Comments and queries for the week of September 25

And The Amazing Race Canada winners are…

How about that Race, eh? Poor Brent, his bad balance/heights basically cost them the Race. It looked like they might catch up in the wine thing but they never really did. The gondola must have been a long ride up too, because Jesse and Nick were done before they even got to the top. At least they got a free pass on the match challenge due to poor erasing and they used their Express Pass on the first one too! See teachers? Sometimes you don’t need math after all!

The Wrestlers fought hard and even got slightly ahead with the math and wine, but in terms of actually Road Blocks, I think the brothers beat them on speed and athleticism and a little luck on he ski thing.

A very Canadian, polite reunion, no real hard feelings between the exes or Cabotage and it was fun of them to bring back the swim caps; I was expecting them to give Ope a life jacket. I was a little surprised Gino and Jesse still won the fan poll after Cabotage, but I guess Canada likes teams who seem like alphas. —Dan

Next on The Anti-Social …

This is an increasingly familiar cant. The biggest fans of X Company are the international fans, including the Americans. There’s a national shrug we never get over—and if a show like The Social isn’t there to break Drake before Drake is Drake, then I have no idea what it is there for, really. —Denis

I’m American and I love Canadian comedy. Honestly, American comedy is such boilerplate garbage right now. Comedians in Canada are doing amazing and innovative things—there are so many excellent podcasts and shows that can be accessed online. I wish more people knew and were more supportive. —Boats

Thanks for this Diane. This, and other shows, make me crazy with their lack of Canadian support. They only want to book “names,” but how do actors/singers become “names” without exposure? —Chris

Which new fall Canadian TV shows will you be watching?

I have been excited for The Romeo Section ever since I heard about it. It’s the new show I am looking most forward to. —Iris

I’ll most definitely be watching Crash Gallery! —Mark

This Life: it got Kristopher Turner. He was on Saving Hope. —Chris

I will be watching the Tornado Hunters for sure. —Teri

I’ll probably check out The Romeo Section because of the Haddock pedigree. Shame almost everything else is reality fare. —JeffDJ

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