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Link: Lost Girl Talk: Michael Grassi on “Judgement Day”

From Emily Gagne of Cinefilles:

Lost Girl Talk: Michael Grassi on “Judgement Day”
“Zoie Palmer can do anything. When we were breaking the episode, we were thinking ‘How can we challenge Zoie with something new to play?’ The writers, Lara Robinson and Lauren Gosnell, cracked something amazing here, and executed it so well.

Zoie had already nailed 19th century Parisian Fae courtesan, so we thought we’d kick it up a notch with an Ancient God who had previously taken over Amanda Walsh’s character. It’s a such a treat to watch Zoie transform on screen.  We may even see something else from her before the end of the season–not shape shifting, but something else completely unexpected.

There are so many surprises in these last four episodes, I can’t wait for everyone to see them.” Continue reading.