TV Eh B Cs podcast – The Many Realities of Mike Bickerton


Over the past decade Mike Bickerton has been part of an Amazing Race to bring reality television to Canada. He had directed and produced a staggering list of the country’s most notable reality series including:

Game of Homes, Child Star, The Real Housewives of Vancouver, The Bachelor Canada, Village on a Diet, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, MasterChef Canada, Canada Sings, Battle of the Blades, Canada’s Next Top Model, and Canadian Idol.

He’s currently the senior producer of CTV’s rating’s bonanza Amazing Race Canada which just got picked up for 2016. We talk everything you wanted to know about Canadian reality series but were afraid to ask… lest you get voted out of the country.

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One thought on “TV Eh B Cs podcast – The Many Realities of Mike Bickerton”

  1. A good listen! I knew Kristen’s leg cramps on TAR Canada and all the penalties must have freaked out the producers!

    Also knew it was too cold for a Survivor Canada, it’d be hard to tell whose who under all the winter clothes, see teams from a distance in the snow and they could find the Hidden Immunity Idols by just following the crew member’s footprints.

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