Murdoch Mysteries by the numbers

Did you know Murdoch Mysteries is CBC’s top Canadian entertainment program? Since its CBC premiere in fall 2012, over 13.5 million Canadians have tuned in — that’s about 40 percent of the population, or 2 in 5 Canadians.

In honour of the show’s Season 9 premiere tonight, and thanks to Shaftesbury and CBC fact gatherers, here’s the lowdown on Canada’s favourite artful detective:

9 seasons
134 episodes
177 murders solved
Sold to 110 countries


736 days of shooting
More than 8800 hours of filming
135 unique locations
1 screeching in
8500 production jobs triggered in Ontario


25 historical figures
32 inventions and counting…
90 guest stars including 1 prime minister and 1 Star Trek captain


2332 sideburns
1002 ties
184 corsets


1 proposal halted
1 proposal denied
1 proposal accepted
2.5 weddings


3 coroners
3 career changes for Ogden
10,346 complaints from Higgins
756,348 karate kicks


1 steamship
1 new millennium
2 trips to the future
1 future British prime minister
1 nudist camp
1 bottle of absinthe
1 James Gillies
2 disruptive Garlands
1 game of dominoes
2 nights on an island with an axe murderer
1 dose of ginseng in Brackenreid’s dinner


0 Martians
0 werewolves
0 vampires
0 Egyptian curses
0 Venusians
0 ghosts
0 revenants
0 zombies, Haitian or otherwise
0 lake monsters, which Crabtree said all along
0 mole men???
0 leprechauns (yet…)
1 Artful Detective

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.


4 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries by the numbers”

  1. WOW – Very cool – thanks for the info

    ah but you forgot at least one factoid

    1 game of street hockey and a player yelling “WAGON !!!”


  2. Not able to see show here in Atlanta, from CBC,, or You Tube:’-(((,,Ovation is a season or more behind;”‘-(((,,Are you able to send it by any other means??

  3. Okay. I’ll bite. How is it possible to have 9 seasons in 3 years. How are the Canadians able to speed up time?


    Maria H. If you were bored and just laying on a COUCH, playing with your tv TUNER, living south of the border, your domain would be .ME or .MX

    1. Ha – the crucial wording is “its CBC premiere” in 2012. The series started on City TV in 2008 and when they cancelled it, CBC revived it.

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