Previously, on Mohawk Girls …

This Tuesday at 9 pm, Mohawk Girls returns to APTN, and so I thought I would give a brief rundown of the final events from last season to prepare us all for this week’s season premiere.

When we last visited our favourite Kahnawa:ke ladies, they were all facing some challenging circumstances, and perhaps not making the wisest of life choices, thus setting the scene for some exciting story lines to come.

If you recall, Team Thana (Maika Harper and Kyle Nobess) hastily consummated their relationship during Trumpet (Kevin Loring) and Lollipop’s (Devery Jacob) wedding reception. Threatened by the Kahnawa: ke’s predatory dating environment, her need for acceptance in the community, and her shockingly low blood quantum results, Anna felt pressured to forego her three month dating rule. However, Anna immediately regretted this decision. She felt she had compromised herself “to be just another Mohawk Clone.”

We caught up with Zoe (Brittany LeBorgne) in desperate need of some classic girlfriend pep talks, the sort we can all relate to, filled with wine and junk food. She finally emerged from her self-imposed “Bridesmaidzilla meltdown” punishment, only to embrace her compliant self and began sessions with her newest dom. Zoe had just been informed that it was time for her first punishment and the audience was left to wonder how she would submit (literally) to her new found lifestyle.

And FINALLY, just in time for the very last episode of last season, nice girl Bailey (Jennifer Pudavick) actually met a nice guy. That was good. Problem was, he was also Jewish. That was bad. Life, it seemed, turned the tables on Bailey and immediately after hooking up with Aaron, Bailey learned that he could never date anyone who was not Jewish.

To lick her wounds, Bailey headed to the bar where her drunken overtures towards Thunder were promptly rebuffed since he’s “with Anna now.” Lashing out to hurt Anna, Bailey broke the girlfriend code, and betrayed Anna’s confidence. She blurted out Anna’s blood quantum results to Thunder and to all who could hear, thereby risking any acceptance Anna could ever find in her new found home.

Tulip wasted little time and quickly informed Anna of Bailey’s betrayal. This resulted with Anna finally owning her “Rez Balls” and she promptly took Tulip down in a bar brawl, leaving Thunder to drag her off. To make matters even worse we left with Bailey hooking up with newlywed Trumpet just outside the bar.

Last year’s season finale closed with a heartbroken Caitlin (Heather White) sitting in the doctor’s office as she anxiously awaited an abortion. Realizing that Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother) is just like her own father– a selfish man incapable of loving his children– Caitlin felt that the cycle of despair she knows all too well must be broken.

So, will Team Thana be able to overcome Anna’s blood quantum results? Will Anna ever be accepted as a true Mohawk? Will the girls be able to forgive Bailey’s betrayal? How is Zoe going to make things up to Lollipop following her melt-down? What is next for Zoe following her latest training session? Did Caitlin go through with the abortion? Is there a future for Caitlin and Butterhead? What other twists and turns do you think writer/creator Tracey Deer and creator Cynthia Knight have in store for viewers? Let me know what you think in the comments below.