Mohawk Girls review: Wherefore art thou Feathers?

This week we have two  major lessons for outsiders. The first comes in the form of the the title itself– Where are the feathers? This is particularly fitting at this time of year when we see cultural appropriation in the form of Hallowe’en costumes. Feathers represent a host of traits revolving around bravery, trust , and power, and are only  awarded to those who have bravely fought a significant battle. In short, feathers are hard earned and once earned, displayed proudly. So this begs the question: what acts of bravery are our fearless four up to?

Caitlin ( Heather White), is still on her heroic quest for personal growth, in order to overcome a lifetime of hurt perpetrated unwittingly by a loveless father. She is still making mostly positive life choices explaining to her personal trainer  and hottie “perfect gentleman” Leon (Alain Chanoine) that “there is no more booze, no more men” and Caitlin decides to  enroll in a business course. Leon is incredibly proud of her successes and a few more little sparks let fly.

However, Caitlin has a few little set backs: feeling like the seventh wheel among her friends, and slips a bit in the “flirting with men” department, but throughout she ultimately forges on with her path to self improvement.

Bailey ( Jennifer Pudavick) is clearly settling into her new romance with Watio (Jimmy Blais). But as fabulous boyfriend material goes, they are less than simpatico when it comes to Mohawk politics. Watio passionately sides with those who believe if you Marry Out Get Out whereas Bailey sides with those who wish to stay, join in, and raise their families in the Mohawk community. This mirrors the widely publicized debates regarding the intermarriage policies that are in place at the real Kahnawa:ke. At any rate, Bailey holds her tongue and later we learn that Watio invites Sose (Glen Gould) and Auntie Velma ( Ashley Michaels) for breakfast so he can meet her family. I guess we need to stay tuned to find out if Bailey can overcome this politically based obstacle or if this proves to much for her to tolerate within the context of an intimate relationship.

Next we turn to Anna (Maika Harper) and her ongoing struggle to fit in and learn about her Mohawk heritage. Whilst out walking with Thunder ( Kyle Nobess)  she meets Thunder’s younger brother Danny (played by Kyle Nobess’s  brother Jesse Nobess) and learns that he is worried about the social complications this relationship can mean for Thunder and their family.

The issue surrounding Anna’s Blood Quantum Number continues as a  major plot device when our girls and their partners gather for a games night. Watio feels it is necessary to to attack Anna’s Mohawkness, or rather her lack of Mohawkness, forcing Thunder to come to her defense.

Undaunted, Anna decides to take her pursuits further and she visits the Longhouse. It is here our second lesson, this time delivered by an Elder of Kahnawa:ke ( played by Billy Two Rivers) is learned. For Mohawks’ it is at the Longhouse that the people come to learn to “live in harmony with creation–all of Creation”. The Elder invites Anna to attend a Social the next evening so she can learn about her people. With Caitlin and Bailey by her side for moral support, Anna initially flounders, obsessing with note taking and picture taking rather than just listening and experiencing.

In the end, Anna in her typical guileless self enters and ultimately wins the ladies’ Smoke Dance but her happiness is short lived. The community members feel threatened and misunderstand Anna’s exuberance to learn. Thunder tries to explain the chasm that exists, but instead of easing her concerns, he lands squarely in Anna’s gun-sight.

Finally, we learn what is motivating Zoe ( Brittany LeBorgne) and this new found relationship with Ohserase (Shawn Youngchief).  Caitlin and Bailey confront Zoe and she admits that she is only dating Ohserase to improve her public persona. The girls agree she needs a “personality makeover” in order to avoid losing her position as legal counsel for the band. To advance her cause, she hosts a football party, but leaves to meet her master Dom (Kyle Switzer).

Episode 3 closes on an entertaining twist. We see Zoe turning up unannounced at the the school Dom has said he is principal at only to discover he is merely the custodian. Dom announces that he never wants to see “stalker Zoe” ever again.

So, what is in store for our ladies next? Will we see more sparks between Caitlin and Leon? Can Bailey convert Watio to her way of thinking regarding the Marry Out Get Out policies at Kahnawa:ke? Will Anna and Thunder put this latest tiff behind them as she continues to learn about Mohawk Culture? Now that Dom is out of the picture, will Zoe focus on building a healthy relationship with Ohserase? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.