TV Eh B Cs episode 36 – Loretta Yu and Simu Liu talk Blood and Water


As you’re listening to this episode, OMNI TV has already premiered the first episode of Blood and Water, a half hour scripted crime drama following a murder, the family involved, and detectives trying to solve it.

I talked with both Loretta Yu and Simu Liu, whose characters of Teresa and Paul form a small part of this web of intrigue. We discuss this new endeavour for OMNI and some of the diverse choices that went into the conception and filming of Season One.

Along the way we also contemplate some of the challenges of being young actors in Canada tied to cultural expectations by show creators. All of this and some terse input from a four-legged friend who, for all we know, may be the murderer, in my conversation with Loretta Yu and Simu Liu.

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