Blackstone prepares for the end

With just one more episode left—the series finale is set for Dec. 22—Blackstone is hurtling along. The show is dense, with lots of moving parts and some storylines that have been around for several seasons. That’s a lot to try and wrap up with just two hours left, and I’m pretty sure not everything will be nicely wrapped by then either; this is Blackstone after all and nothing seems to conclude happily.

“Retribution” does advance several storylines, however, as a number of characters see light at the end of the tunnel or prepare for the worst. Last week’s instalment, “The River’s Edge,” was a horrifying and realistic peek into sexual assault as Trisha was attacked by a trio of thugs. The tale took an equally awful turn when it was revealed Jack’s nephew was the ringleader, leaving Daryl caught in the middle between family and his business partnership. Daryl decides what side he wants to come down on and the repercussions of his actions will resonate in the finale.

Andy, always quick to make things happen (especially when it’s in his favour) is positively sprinting around Edmonton, threatening Jack and Travis and begging for money to get Blackstone’s girls off the streets and given some support. It’s almost as if he’s trying to get as much done before something bad happens. Andy’s cough is getting worse, and with nothing else to lose, I can’t help but wonder how far he’s willing to go to help Daryl get out of his jam.

Gail continues on her artistic path, growing in confidence so much—was it really just a couple of weeks ago she was hiding her work?—that she’s painting in the middle of the band office. The fact she’s continued to paint is inspiring in itself, but what happens between she and Trisha put a lump in my throat. Gail has grown so much during the past two seasons, it’s inspiring to not only see her take control of her life, but inspire others to do the same.

But with just one week left after tonight, there are still questions that need to be answered.

  • Will the remaining kids stay with Smokey?
  • What’s causing Andy to cough up blood? Will he survive the series finale?
  • Will Daryl lose the club?
  • Will Wilma pass away?

The series finale of Blackstone airs Tuesday, Dec. 22, at 10 p.m. ET on APTN.


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  1. Sorry to know that Blackstone is ending. Do hope there will be DVDs made available for us who weren’t able to get APTN. Where will we be able to follow what’s happening with the cast?

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