Link: The Oral History of 1990s YTV

From Will Sloan of Torontoist:

The Oral History of 1990s YTV
There were some channels that had after-school programming, and of course you could see Fred Penner and Elmo on TVO and PBS, but there was only one channel that delivered youth-targeted content at all hours of the day. And if you wanted to see something on it, you had to watch it when it aired, or else there would be no guarantee you’d ever see that episode of Puttnam’s Prairie Emporium ever again.

If you were a kid growing up in Canada in the ’90s, you watched YTV. Continue reading.


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  1. I didn’t have time to read the entire article but I got to see YTV for the first time in 1995, the year we moved into town off the farm when I was 12. My brothers and I watched A LOT of YTV. I remember Pj Phil and Paul and Ashnaa in particular.

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