Blackstone closes down for good

“Flat Line” was an apt title for Blackstone‘s final episode. It, of course, referred to Andy Fraser, the one-time chief of the band, but the series itself. After years of being the big man around town, pushing others around and enjoying the spoils of his plots and plans, Andy was laid low by AIDS, succumbing to the pneumonia that weakened his immune system to the point he couldn’t fight anymore.

“Nobody needs you,” Tom, long dead, told his son. And with that Tom—the one who had haunted Andy for so long—jumped ship and left him to die alone.

Andy died alone because everyone else were focussed on moving forward. Alan, shedding his past life and planning for a future in business, left Blackstone for the city and an education. Daryl—after having accepted Jack’s $260,000 for both bars—left the city for a small farm and home on the Fraser’s family land. That scene reminded me of Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights, and I was warmed by those feelings. I’ve always liked Daryl and was sincerely hoping he’d make it out of the club business unscathed.

Gail was headed for the city too, moving in with Luke—a genuinely good guy—and a bright future as an artist. Even Wilma had a happy ending (I was surprised by that turn), discovering a mix of traditional and modern medicine shoved her cancer into remission. Only Leona was on the downslide in this final instalment, suffering panic attacks at the losses in her life before Dr. Crowshoe sat her down for a chat.

For a series that has spent a lot of time dealing with the dark reality of life on a First Nations reserve—addiction, physical and sexual abuse, murder and rape—”Flat Line” was positively upbeat. Characters were smiling, laughing and joking and the soundtrack during that happy montage was light and airy. At least, until viewers were brought back to the stark reality of Andy’s last breaths. Blackstone‘s biggest character has had quite a ride over the past five seasons. And despite the fact it was fitting he die alone after stepping on everyone to get where he wanted to go, I’m still going to miss him. Just like I’ll miss everyone else on Blackstone.


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  1. I tried, oh gosh I tried again and again to get into it, but Blackstone was just too depressing for me. There was never any counter balancing feel good, sadly same was true of North of 60. We’ve been north of 60, James Bay Quebec side, NWT and Yukon, and Rez’s in southern Canada too, and yes , like everywhere on this planet there’s not nice, but, there’s lots of nice too, just like the rest of the planet. The nice should be portrayed too.

  2. Blackstone so far is the best show Aptn has ever had. The one thing that you get out if watching this show is empathy for people who do not grow up and live with silver spoons. Some people are scratching and clawing their way through life and it is hard.

  3. Sorry to see this series end. Really enjoyed this show. Why do all the good ones have to end.

  4. Why did black stone have to end this way?? Can’t wait for the next episode.. Don’t why they had to kill of Andy .

  5. I am really hoping blackstone will have all the episodes available on DVD or other. I don’t have cable TV do wasn’t able to watch it at all.

  6. Blackstone should continue even though Andy passes away a lot of unanswered questions don’t let it end with a cliffhanger like this

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