Link: More choice, smaller bills in store for TV viewers

From James Bradshaw of The Globe and Mail:

More choice, smaller bills in store for TV viewers
So-called cord cutting, and how to contain it, will be top of mind for many TV executives in 2016, as viewers will be given new choices. The federal broadcast regulator has promised rule changes to let customers choose which channels they pay for, and will require companies to shrink the size of basic cable and satellite bundles.

At the same time, and perhaps more importantly, new streaming technologies and online competitors built in the mould of Netflix Inc. are expanding, giving viewers a wider range of relatively low-cost alternatives, in turn causing some to rethink the value of their monthly TV bill. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: More choice, smaller bills in store for TV viewers”

  1. Until internet services are improved across the country the cable/satellite companies won’t have to fear losing much of their customers. Many internet service providers place high-speed data caps on their customers and I can see more companies doing this as well. Some of the bigger ones like Bell might put data caps to curb streaming from other streaming services but not count their own streaming service toward that cap. It’s been talked about that the current infrastructure is unable to handle the increase in streaming which leads to lower speeds.

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