Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Family Dinner”

In episode 2, Alexis has made her choice – it’s Mutt. But telling Ted it’s over proves harder than she thought, as she explains to Mutt, “I don’t know if it was the timbre of his voice or the fact that he smelled like baby power, but I just couldn’t physically do it.” She considers sending him the “sweetest little text message” to get the job done, but realizes it must be done in person. The second breakup scene is every bit as funny as the first, and this times it’s successful.

Johnny is in search of office space and there is a funny scene in the restaurant between him and Twyla (Sarah Levy) as he asks her about the possibility of using a booth as his office. He goes into a long-winded explanation of why he needs office space. Twyla, who is laden down with dishes, finally says, “I am going to put these dishes down. I just think I’ll think better once the blood rushes from my arms to my brain.”

Bob (John Hemphill) who runs the local garage overhears Johnny asking about office space and tells him he has a “sweet little spot” that he can use. Johnny isn’t impressed when Bob shows him the inside of his garage. But Bob is undeterred and tells him to clean it up and give it a think. He, like the rest of the cast, is perfect in his role. He is so deadpan and so oblivious. When Johnny, in an exasperated tone, tells him he doesn’t need to clean it up to think about it, Bob just continues, “well, as long as it gets cleaned up at some point.”

Moira and David decide to make dinner for the family. Well, Moira decides she’s doing it and recruits an unwilling David to help her. The relationship between Moira and David is more mother-daughter than mother-son. Last season the two of them tried to sell cosmetics. It’s definitely a meeting of the divas, if not a meeting of the minds. The scene between them making dinner is funny, and the instruction to “fold in the cheese” is clever. I’ve always thought it was an odd, vague description and for the likes of them, it’s near impossible.

There is another awkward scene between David and Stevie. Their relationship may take a turn, but no matter what state it’s in, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

The show is witty, dry and sarcastic – and the characters are brilliant. Every single one of them.