Review: Schitt’s Creek “Estate Sale” – How the mighty have fallen

The show continues to shine a spotlight on these shallow self-centred characters, so brilliantly portrayed by the uber-talented actors.

Moira and Johnny are seen shopping at an estate sale. Moira mumbles that “shopping used to cheer me up.” And when Johnny finds a pair of cuff links, Moira despairs, “Oh John, they’re sterling silver. You’re better off stealing cutlery from the café.” She will never accept their new reality.

The town’s mayor, Roland Schitt (Chris Elliot shines as the sleazy redneck mayor) needs a woman’s fashion sense to help him buy a blouse for his wife, Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson). He naturally thinks of David. Shopping in the local Blouse Barn (where durability is a given) is a foreign experience for David; shopping with someone like Roland is even more so. These two are worlds apart. But that’s what makes this scene work. There is some witty repartee between them.

Mutt buys Alexis a bicycle – it’s not exactly the mode of transportation she was hoping for. After walking the bike into town, she finally admits she can’t ride a bike and explains that growing up, David was such a drama queen when their parents tried to teach him, they threw out all the bikes.

Moira finally sees something she wants at the Estate Sale. A new mattress. Unfortunately Jocelyn saw it first and is determined to get it, which she does. But after “trying it out”, Roland and Jocelyn decide it’s not for them and sell it to Johnny. Moira says “and by trying it out you mean….(realizing he means sex)….oh John, that’s memory foam.” These two actors go way back and there is an undeniable chemistry between them that is a joy to watch.

The show ends with a wobbly David on a pink girl’s bicycle. Stevie snaps his picture.


2 thoughts on “Review: Schitt’s Creek “Estate Sale” – How the mighty have fallen”

  1. Oy. After the third episode I’m still disappointed. I haven’t laughed once all season. I really wanted to find something to appreciate but it just didnt’ happen. And I loved season one. Something is just off this time.

  2. I did feel a bit of that with the first two episodes, but I thought episode three was back to season 1 standards. But even when I’m not laughing out loud I have an appreciation for the actors and the writers. They’re talented.

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