Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Bob’s Bagels”

The clever dialogue between characters continues in episode 5. And with each interaction we glimpse a bit more into who they are as characters. Maybe that’s the key to good writing – and good acting – to fully embrace the character. The writers and actors on this show have done just that.

We actually see a bit of emotional growth with Moira’s character. It’s short lived mind you, but it is there nonetheless.

Moira’s daughter Alexis is very sick. It’s just a cold, but to Moira it is one step from death and she has no plans to go near her daughter. And when husband Johnny takes his daughter some orange juice, Moira tells him not to touch her, as she closes and locks the motel door between their rooms.

Moira checks in on her before heading out to her choir practice telling Alexis that “mummy’s gotta fight for her solo.” But she doesn’t go to the choir rehearsal after all, instead she goes out looking for medicine for Alexis. It is highly uncharacteristic and surprises both of them. Moira admits to feeling something, and Alexis suggests “maternal instincts, maybe?” Moira shoots back, “No, that’s not it.”

Moira is later shown in bed beside Alexis telling her a bedtime story. It seems like another touching show of motherly love until Alexis falls asleep on her arm. Moira shakes the sick Alexis awake saying, “Alexis, you’re on my arm. Alexis, seriously, I can’t feel it.” So in character.

David meanwhile has an interview at an “upscale boutique” and needs Stevie to drive him. It turns out to be the Blouse Barn where he and the mayor shopped last week. Not great for David who had called the shop skanky to the owner’s face. The chemistry with Stevie continues, but sparks fly between him and the owner of the “boutique”. He gets the job in spite of himself. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story line develops.

Johnny continues working on his business plan and Bob sarcastically tells Roland that there is “lots of quiet planning going on…Johnny treats himself to a muffin or two, but I guess that’s part of the planning.” Johnny then explains how an idea is born.

He uses the muffin as an example, saying he likes the muffin, but would rather have a bagel. And since he hasn’t seen a bagel since he got to this town, he might think this town could use a bagel shop. Bob loves the idea and Bob’s Bagels is born. It takes the rest of the show for Johnny to convince Bob it was just an example of an idea and a bagel shop wasn’t viable. Bob is indignant when he says he’ll want to see a business plan next time.

There are real people who are a lot like Bob. Just like all of them, really. They’re caricatures and it’s funny.


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  1. Schitts Creek is BRILLIANT! We watch every episode! Each and every character is funny and engaging. I save episodes on PVR so I can watch it again. If you aren’t watching this show, you don’t know what your missing! It’s more than great writers and cast. Like a great wine, it gets better with age👏🏽

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