Link: Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister, Vows CBC Help After Years Of ‘Planned Demolition’

From Zi-Ann Lum of The Huffington Post Canada:

Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister, Vows CBC Help After Years Of ‘Planned Demolition’
The NDP pressed the federal government over its platform pledge to boost funding to CBC/Radio-Canada, days after the heritage minister hinted Liberals could renege on the marquee campaign promise.

“For 10 years the CBC was attacked and needs some oxygen,” NDP opposition heritage critic Pierre Nantel said in question period Monday. “The government made promises it has to keep them now.” Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister, Vows CBC Help After Years Of ‘Planned Demolition’”

  1. Roger Abbot was born in England
    Andy Barrie was born in Baltimore
    Bob Cole was born in the Dominion of Newfoundland
    Adrienne Clarkson, Broadcaster and former GG, was born in Hong Kong
    Ernie Coombs, Mr. Dressup, was born in Maine
    Barbara Frum was born in Niagara Falls, NY
    Hana Gartner was born in Prague
    Jurgen Gothe was born in Berlin
    Luba Goy was born in Haltern, Germany
    Ian Hanomansing was born in Trinidad & Tobago
    David Halton was born in England
    Michaelle Jean, Former GG, was born in Haiti
    Ron Maclean was born in (West) Germany
    Peter Mansbridge was born in London, England
    Susana Meharchand was born in Durban South Africa
    Terry Millewski was born in England
    Colin Mochrie was born in Scotland
    Lister Sinclair was born in India

    All of these fine people have contributed much to the fabric of the CBC and to Canadians’ understanding of themselves and their great country.

    You are a bigot, and your bigotry represents the worst of any country — no matter if it hails from the US, England, Germany or anywhere else.

  2. The above post was a response to a trolly posting by a guy who posts every chance he can about how Americans run the CBC. It’s a bizarre and weird POV…but the short little research I did on all the people from “away” at CBC left me feeling actually quite inspired. Look at that! All those names above — what they’ve brought from different places and lands to Canada’s broadcaster and Canada itself. After spending much of two summers in Europe where there’s a much more rigid view of cultural mixing — and less buy in for anything like multiculturalism…it’s made me think even more that this mix of cultures at the CBC or in Canada itself really is this country’s strength. So though my comment was prompted by a yahoo (and since his hate’s been deleted now it doesn’t seem particularly contextual) it’s nevertheless inspiring, both in the sense of what CBC is, and what Canada can be.

    1. Ha – we can vouch for the fact that you’re not just randomly discussing country of origin. I don’t think the viewpoint that Canadian TV is infiltrated by Americans comes from a rational place, but I could make the case that the brain drain/infiltration goes the other way. Us Canadians are slowly taking over Hollywood (bwahahaha).

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