Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Moira vs. Town Council”

My favourite part of the show was the scene near the end between David and Alexis where she’s telling him that she and Mutt have split up and it’s the first time she has ever felt anything, “I mean nothing – I’ve been to doctors about it.” The interaction was funny and touching. David’s facial expressions are priceless.

The part about David at his job selling off mannequins and using the corporate card fell flat for me. I can understand how someone like David would get confused (and excited) by the concept of a tax write-off. As a kid I thought the idea of Santa giving free stuff was an opportunity of a lifetime. And David is childlike, but the owner of the store let him take over and that seems out of character.

Moira stole the show for me again. Yes, she is over the top in her clothes and her affectations, but that is the character of Moira. I didn’t laugh as much as I would expect, but my appreciation for her acting skills and the writing are enough. The writing…the writers…are so clever.

Moira sets out to beautify the town but it’s not going to be her who does it, as she says to Johnny after he suggests she plant her own peonies, “These are dark times, John, but not that dark.” She takes on the town council and she wins, impressing council member, Ronnie (Karen Robinson) who tells her she’s a pain in the ass, but she gets things done. She does indeed.

There are some great scenes in this episode, and the humour is smart and witty. I just don’t know why I wasn’t laughing until my stomach hurt.