Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Milk Money”

This week, after Johnny drinks Bob’s milk he finds out it was raw milk and the cost to replace it is a lot more than pasteurized milk. He starts thinking he might get some of his own and sell it. The only problem is it’s illegal to sell raw milk in Canada and many US states.

Some of the interactions that follow over the raw milk are farcical – Johnny could easily be trying to sell drugs instead of milk. In fact, it might be easier for him to sell drugs. As Alexis points out, “it’s fast easy money and no one would suspect you.”

The issue of selling raw milk in Canada is very much on a level of selling drugs. That’s what makes this work. People in other parts of the world where raw milk is legal wouldn’t find this funny. It would seem too ridiculous; and raw milk in Canada has bordered on the ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Moira is busy campaigning for the upcoming election. When she finds out David has helped her competition (Jocelyn) pick out a new outfit, she’s not happy.

The scene where she confronts David is typical of the interaction between these two drama queens sparring. Her comment that Jocelyn’s outfit looked like it belonged on an aging airline stewardess strikes a nerve with David who says, “I told her not to wear the jacket with the skirt.”

He goes on to say that he felt very conflicted, but Moira isn’t buying it. In her droll melodramatic voice she says, “Now will you be a doll and fetch mommy a knife – you’ll find one lodged in my back.” This round goes to Moira.

I’ve come to expect great acting and great writing from this show. I wasn’t disappointed.