Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Moira’s Nudes”

This show gets stronger every week. This episode was brilliant. I could not stop giggling.

Moira thinks Jocelyn has found the “tasteful nude photos” of her youth and is horrified that she uncovered them in the “middle of a political campaign.” She asks Stevie to search the Internet and find them. And when she doesn’t find them, she goes to David, explaining, “Darling, I’m afraid that you and I have arrived at an awkward moment in our relationship.” Poor David. He needs to search the Internet for nude pictures of his mother.

Later that day, Johnny asks David if he can borrow money. He apologizes for the awkwardness of the situation. David says, “Believe it or not, this is not the most awkward parent-son request I’ve gotten today.” Dan Levy is fantastic in this episode. He is a very physical actor. His body movements and facial expressions convey so much. It reminds me of the actors from silent movies. Charlie Chaplin would have been impressed.

Unfortunately David can’t find the nude photos either, but Stevie has found some “incriminating” photos of Moira with would-be murders. No nudes though. Well, unless you count the one where Moira’s face has been put on the body of what Moira assumes is “an Indonesian lady boy.”

Moira is actually upset that the photos are gone — and with them her youth and her “firm” body. She tells Stevie to take a thousand pictures of herself, telling her not to think that she is too spooky or that people won’t want to see those small breasts. No one but Moira could or would say say these things. She is so outrageous and so self-centred that she has lost her humanness and her sensitivity. Is that what too much money does to a person?

There are other great scenes in this episode — Johnny and Alexis have some great lines. Episode 9 gets two thumbs up from me.


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  1. I have to say I very much like this show. Biggest problem is that Moira has not grown or shown why she is supposedly a ‘STAR’. She has no taste in clothes and no idea how the real world works, whereas the rest of the family has grown in the past seasons. I love Katherine but this character is a joke and not a good one!

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