Comments and queries for the week of March 11

20 Stars, 20 Room Renovations: Home to Win debuts

OMG. I would love to enter my husband in this challenge. He is a farmer but I call him my jack-of-all-trades. I don’t know what heart palpitating challenges you will give him, but I’m sure my heart will be palpitating watching him do these challenges. Please consider him as a contestant. (P.S. – We love to watch HGTV.) —Joan

Murdoch Mysteries‘ showrunner explains heartbreaking episode

Maria, when did you start watching the show? Julia cannot have children, due to a past and painful abortion. My only solution would be for the Murdoch’s to have a surrogate; but, that was the early 1900. No surrogate then? I believe before the season finale, they will have a child. We now know that they are open to adoption, so anything now is possible and acceptable with Julia and William. —Joanne

Joanne, thank you so much for clarification. I watched all the seasons (not in order though) and most certainly I missed that information. One episode, however, sunk in my memory and made me think that it is possible for them to have a child. This was when Det. Murdoch went to the so called “Future Showing” show and got somewhat hypnotized inside the machine. In this episode, he could foresee his future (10 to 12 years from the present time) with Julia and (must be) their son. This story made me think that it is possible for them to have a son, maybe even an adopted one. But it really doesn’t look like anymore. How sad. —Maria

Link: Why Canadian TV producers don’t want to make a Downton Abbey

We arguably did have a Downton Abbey. It was the 90s period drama Road to Avonlea, a Canadian story set in Canada with a large ensemble of great characters with great writing and great acting. It got great ratings on both sides of the border and it holds up rather well today, unlike many shows which become corny with time. That being said, its been a couple decades since the show ended and Emily of New Moon failed to live up to its predecessor. I wish we could get something else; none of the networks really seem to embrace the idea. —Alicia

Curses on Curse of the Frozen Gold

You think it is respectful disrespecting a B-25 bomber war grave on your show? Rooting through it like vultures; you should be slapped for your ignorance of the men that lost their lives and their families. I believe that is a protected war grave and I hope you are reprimanded. —Bill

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