Review: Schitt’s Creek season two finale

The Roses show some growth in these last two episodes. In episode 12, the penultimate of this second season, David negotiates a huge financial windfall for the owner of the Blouse Barn by daring to stand up to a large conglomerate. And when he is rewarded for his efforts with a $40,000 cheque, he is the responsible one saying they should save it. Sure it takes him a few tries to get the word out, but he eventually does.

Moira shows the nasty side of politics by “creating a stir” around someone stealing her campaign signs (she threw them out). Sneaky and underhanded for sure – but it turns out that Roland was even sneakier, using his position as mayor to force people to put up Jocelyn’s campaign signs. In the end, Jocelyn steps down, leaving Moira the winner. She’s thrilled until Johnny points out she will be working with Roland every day.

There were some great lines in this episode, but I didn’t laugh much, and the opening scenes with Moira and Johnny in the cafe, and later Johnny and Roland in the street fell flat. A bit cheesy slapstickish.

The season finale on the other hand was a winner. It’s Johnny and Moira’s anniversary and they narrowly escape a dinner out with Roland and Jocelyn. They run into snobby friends from their past (Beth and Don) and are laughing and having a good time at the restaurant when Roland and Jocelyn turn up. Not the kind of people Moira and Johnny would normally call friends and you can see they are a bit mortified to have them join them, even more so when Roland mentions the coupons.

But after Don and Beth have thrown one too many insults about Schitt’s Creek and the restaurant, Johnny realizes that Roland and Jocelyn have actually been better friends to them than Beth and Don were after they lost everything. And he tells them that, along with the fact that they live in Schitt’s Creek.

Meanwhile, Mutt is throwing a party and watching Alexis meet his new girlfriend is awkward. But for Alexis it makes her realize the pain she caused Ted. She finally comes out of her self-absorbed focus to truly see someone else. We also see a bit more of Stevie and David together in this last episode. The chemistry between them is fantastic as they both vie for male attention. And David running back inside to find Stevie after Jake (new hot guy on the scene) kisses him is laugh out loud funny.

The show ends with Moira, Johnny, Jocelyn and Roland crashing the party and insisting on a family dance as they express their love for each other. They truly have come a long way. It was a brilliant ending.

The show and the characters have evolved and it comes through in these last two episodes. They also set the stage for some interesting story lines in season 3. Moira will be on town council and David might have a new love interest.


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  1. Agreed about the final episode! It was a great moment at the anniversary dinner when Johnny finally stood up for the town he and his family now call home, and I LOVED the final scene with everyone dancing. Very touching and I had a grin on my face the whole time. :D

  2. This tv show is truly underrated. I’d never even heard of it until an advertising banner showed up on my Facebook page last week. The characters aren’t the normal one dimensional caricatures you see in most sitcoms. Especially David who I find to be a truly unique and compelling depiction of a pansexual person. Not a lot of shows explore this part of sexuality and I find that their nonchalant attitude about David’s sexual identity refreshing. My only complaint is Roland. His character is meant for another dumbed down comedy. His brand of comedy is slapstick and I find that I can only take him in small doses. In comparison his wife is a great counterpart for Moira and I enjoy seeing the two of them on screen together.

    1. Chris Elliott’s character (Roland) in Schitt’s Creek is absolutely funnier than funny.
      I wouldn’t mind if they give us bigger doses of Roland.
      John Hemphill (Bob) too. A real belly wobbler when he walks fast. Would like to see him in every episode.

      Can’t wait for the 3rd season. I’ll be one of the first to buy the second season of Schitt’s. I’ve watched the 1st season DVD 5 times, and still laughing. I’ll be ordering several. Makes for good gift giving.
      I’m happy for this cast’s success.

  3. Too bad they’re gonna gay it up and probably go down the slippery all inclusive everyone togetherness crap most good shows go and then get cancelled

    1. A sad testament if “gaying” it up, inclusiveness and love equal crap. I think they can keep their edge despite these, uh, transgressions. The characters are evolving into less shallow self-centred human beings. I think that’s a good thing.

  4. Loved the dance ending 😉 2017 ugh! Too long to wait .you guys are great laughs laughs laughs . Found you guys buy accident and am so glad I did . This show needs to be promoted more. See you next year .

  5. One of the best episodes of the series in my opinion, and there was a great soundtrack. Nice to finally see David put the pan in pansexual.

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