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From Nick Patch of the Toronto Star:

Orphan Black is back, complex as ever
“I’ve always really respected the UK model like The Office where they tie it up in a really wonderfully satisfying narrative way but … you’re still wanting more. With this kind of a series, it is finite in terms of what we can explore with these characters because ultimately, they have to discover the thing and we can’t draw that on forever. I don’t want it to ever settle into territory that we’ve already tread.” Continue reading.

From Aaron Pruner of

‘Orphan Black’ Season 4: Kristian Bruun teases Helena ‘hilarity’
“Helena’s a roommate and Helena and Alison don’t necessarily get along very well. They’re quite opposite and, even though Donnie and Helena were polar opposites last season, they really learned to appreciate each other … but she’s a tough roommate.” Continue reading. 

From Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly:

Orphan Black: Jordan Gavaris says Felix is ‘grappling with where he fits in’
“We’re differentiating all of these women and we’re following all of these plot threads, and it was dizzying in a wonderful way, in the best way possible. But I think we’re coming back and getting answers to questions posed in season 1. And I think it’s fair to say that Sarah might have to try and understand Beth a little bit more.” Continue reading.

From Scott Huver of

‘Orphan Black’ Showrunners Tease ‘Dark and Twisty’ Season 4
“I don’t think it’s a ‘smaller’ season. ‘Intimate’ in that our characters all know each other better now. Especially our core characters of Cosima, Alison, Sarah, Helena — and Rachel for that matter, even though she’s the bad sister. I think drawing those characters close together this season, that feels intimate. The family that we’ve built is starting to feel more and more intimate. I don’t think it’s intimate in the way that they all sit together in the living room and watch TV. [But] that’s not what happens.” Continue reading. 

From Carla Day of

‘Orphan Black’ Interview: Creators on Going Back to Move Forward, Delphine and New Clones
“This year– What’s kinda nice when you get into three and four seasons is that you’ve built a mythology. There was a lot of stuff that John and I raced past in our first couple season and we were like, ‘We’re gonna come back to that. We’re gonna come back to that. There’s more there. There’s more story there.’ So we had a plan always to loop back on some of the concepts that we had in the first season. And that’s really what Season 4 is about. It’s about going back to the beginning in order to move forward.” Continue reading.

From Cassandra Szklarski of The Canadian Press:

Maslany on the surprises and challenges of her ‘Orphan Black’ clones
“Every year we sort of get together with Tat at the beginning and rub our hands together a little bit and go, ‘What do we need? What are we looking for, who do you got?’ And we start thinking of new clones.” Continue reading. 

From Bill Brioux of

Q&A: Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany
“We’re really lucky that we are in a time when people are willing to watch something like Orphan Black and are so voraciously excited about it. I’m super proud that we feature so many Canadian artist on our show. Not just the actors and the regular cast but also the amazing crew that we have. The wardrobe and hair and makeup team are the best in the business.” Continue reading. 

From Amber Dowling of The Hollywood Reporter:

How ‘Orphan Black’ Is Returning to Its Roots in Season 4
“By the end of season three, we had answered a lot of our big questions and wanted to end it with a feeling of resolution and closure in a way. Of course there are still lots of doors wide open, but we wanted to end Sarah in a different place so that we could launch off a different foot. We wanted a feeling of return to season one where we didn’t know who was pulling the strings. We didn’t know who the bad guy was.” Continue reading.