The Executioner takes a back seat to Vaughn on Slasher

Yes, Slasher is about a killer slaughtering small-town folks, but Friday’s new episode is almost exclusively about Chief Iain Vaughn. “The One Who Sows His Own Flesh,” is an examination into what motivates folks to make the decisions they do, and the impact it has on others.

Here are a few questions we get answers to on Friday night.

Why does the Chief have Ariel in his basement?
The shocking reveal at the end of last week’s “Gotten Gains” was Vaughn nabbed Ariel Petersen and was keeping her in a basement room along with a little boy. “The One Who Sows His Own Flesh,” retraces the event in a flashback and catches up with Ariel and her son, Jake. There are surprisingly tender moments in the scenes despite the shocking situation and credit to Dean McDermott for making Vaughn a relatable guy despite his actions. There is a reason for what he’s done, and that is explained.


Would a journalist kill members of his town to further his career?
That’s the question Sarah has for Dylan. Following the death—and deep-frying of Alison—Dylan has moved his things to her desk and is running the newspaper. He’s also looking to further his career even more than before, with expectations outside of being a talking head on a TV screen.

Why did Tom kill Sarah’s parents?
We got just a hint into the answer; expect more next week. Mainly because there are just two more episodes left.

Where is the FBI or RCMP?
After so many deaths in the town, why hasn’t a government authority descended on Waterbury to take over the investigation?

Slasher airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Super Channel.