Slasher comes to a bloody end

This is it Canadian Slasher fans, the Season 1 finale, “Soon Your Own Eyes Will See,” is upon us. Friday’s last episode synopsis from Super Channel states, “Hurt and confused by Dylan’s betrayal, Sarah seeks solace with Cam while The Executioner works to exact a final vengeance.” Sure, that’s accurate, but clearly not enough information to satisfy die-hard fans.

Here’s a little more to tide you over until the episode airs.

Season 1 ends as it began, with Halloween
Kids are running around in costumes collecting candy, Robin is hosting a Halloween party in Justin’s honour and The Executioner isn’t quite done with his reign of terror. Yes, the seven sins have been addressed, but you can’t keep a good killer down, can you?


The Executioner’s past is revealed
Who is The Executioner and what screwed-up childhood lead to a life of murder and mayhem? We get the backstory and insight into what happened via flashback.

Sarah is in grave danger
She may not have been on The Executioner’s naughty list, but she becomes a target with one well-placed offensive move. You’ll know it when you see it, and leads to an emotional, graphic final scene.

Final thoughts
I’ve really enjoyed Season 1 of Slasher. Every time the show seemed to be heading into a corner story-wise, creator Aaron Martin veered into another direction. I’m also thrilled he signed on actors like Dean McDermott, Steve Byers and Erin Karpluk and challenged them with roles unlike ones they’ve played before. Fingers crossed Martin gets to do it all again with a new cast for a second season.

Slasher‘s Season 1 finale airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET on Super Channel.