CTV’s Canada AM cancelled 

From a media release:

CTV’s CANADA AM To Mark Final Sign-Off, Tomorrow, June 3

– Co-hosts Beverly Thomson and Marci Ien move to new roles at Bell Media as Jeff Hutcheson begins retirement –
CTV announced today that after 43 seasons, CANADA AM will deliver its final headlines and interviews when its last episode airs tomorrow, Friday, June 3 from 6 – 9 a.m. ET. Since 1972, Canadians from across the country have awakened to the national morning show, with its blend of hard news and lifestyle stories, as well as in-depth interviews with top newsmakers, celebrities, and musical stars.
Bell Media also confirmed today that long time co-hosts Beverly Thomson and Marci Ien will remain with the company. Thomson moves to CTV News Channel while Ien will develop new projects with Bell Media In-House Productions. Jeff Hutcheson announced his retirement earlier this month.CTV will announce a new program for the 6-9 a.m. timeslot next week. A simulcast of live CTV News Channel programming will air in the timeslot on CTV beginning Monday, June 6.

“As the television landscape continues to evolve, so too must our programming. We look forward to building upon the success of CANADA AM as we move forward,” said Randy Lennox, President, Entertainment Production and Broadcasting, Bell Media. “We invite viewers and fans to join us as we say goodbye tomorrow and acknowledge the lasting legacy this series and its talent – both now and in the past – have had on Canada’s broadcasting industry.”

“Over the past four decades, millions of Canadians have started their mornings with CANADA AM,” said Nanci MacLean, Vice-President, Bell Media Production. “We say goodbye with great respect and with sincere appreciation to Bev, Marci, and Jeff, who have led CANADA AM with such class, warmth, and wit.”
“We are incredibly thankful to our viewers from coast-to-coast-to-coast who have been with us on this journey and a heartfelt part of our TV family all these years,” said Co-Hosts Beverly Thomson and Marci Ien, and Weather and Sports Anchor Jeff Hutcheson. “We are extremely proud of CANADA AM. It has been our privilege to be part of this historic Canadian series that brought us the opportunity to work with such an incredible team.”
In tribute to both the long-running program and their own participation on CANADA AM, tomorrow’s final episode is dedicated to Thomson, Ien, and Hutcheson. Viewers can expect to see studio and location highlights, and clips of the historic moments that CANADA AM has covered.
Online, the farewell dedication continues with commemorative CANADA AM photo timeline, and favourite CANADA AM memories on the CANADA AM Facebook page. Viewers can also take part by tweeting their favourite moments or tributes to @CTVCanadaAM.
CANADA AM has interviewed some of the most newsworthy individuals from within Canada and around the word over the past four decades. It has also aired live during some of the world’s biggest news stories through those years, bringing context to Canadians as they awoke to breaking news stories and began their day. CANADA AM has also played a huge part in building the Canadian star system, introducing viewers to the most celebrated actors and talented artists from all walks of entertainment and showcasing hundreds of performers as part of the AM Sound Stage series.
Since its debut in 1972, CANADA AM cultivated talent both behind the camera on in front – from Craig Oliver, the first producer of CANADA AM when it launched in 1972, to former hosts and anchors including: Dennis McIntosh (Co-Host 1972-1973); Carole Taylor (Co-Host 1972-1973); Percy Saltzman (Meteorologist 1972-1974, Canada’s “first” weatherman); Helen Hutchinson (Co-Host 1973-1979); Pierre Pascal (Co-Host 1974); Elaine Callei (Co-Host 1974); Norm Perry (Co-Host 1974-1990 – longest serving male co-host); Wally Macht (News, Weather & Sports Anchor, 1977-1987); Gail Scott (Co-Host 1978-1981); Sandie Rinaldo (News Anchor 1980-1985); Pamela Wallin (Co-Host 1981- 1984 and 1991-1992); Ann Rohmer (Features Reporter 1984-1986); Linda MacLennan (Co-Host 1985-1987); Tom Clark (News Anchor 1986-1987); Nancy Wilson (Co-Host 1987-1988); Terrilyn Joe (News Anchor 1987-1991); Dan Matheson (Sports Anchor 1987-1995 and Co-Host 1995-2001); Deborah McGregor (Co-Host 1989-1991); J.D. Roberts (Co-Host 1990-1992); Thalia Assuras (News Anchor 1992-1993); Keith Morrison, Co-Host 1992-1995); Rod Black (Sports Anchor 1993-1997 and Co-Host 2001-02); Wei Chen (News Anchor 1993-1998); Valerie Pringle (Co-Host 1993-2001); Rob Faulds (Sports Anchor 1996-1998); Leslie Jones (News Anchor 1998-2002); Lisa LaFlamme (Co-Host 2001-2003); Seamus O’Regan (Co-Host 2002-2011); Omar Sachedina, Mi-Jung Lee, and Rena Heer (Co-Hosts CANADA AM Extended Version, 2008); and of course, the program’s current Weather and Sports Anchor, Jeff Hutcheson (1998- 2016), Marci Ien, who became Co-Host in 2011 after acting as News Anchor (2003-2011), and Co-Host Beverly Thomson, who joined the program in 2003.


2 thoughts on “CTV’s Canada AM cancelled ”

  1. What a blow to TV History. This show will be missed greatly. What a great way to start the day with my cup of joe. I will miss seeing my old friend Michael Kane, with whom I had the occasion to air “A Christmas Carol” live at CJOY while working there and he was a teenager at the time. Of course Robert Fife, my brother in law, was missed when he left months ago. Question Period is always a definite “go to show”.
    Happy hunting to Jeff on his travels. He likely won’t remember me from his days at CKCO.
    Best wishes and Happy Trails to all.

  2. After 40 years we get told the day before it’s very last show ? They had time to prepare, we didn’t. It feels like losing a leg, or one’s Canadian Stories lifeboat suddenly manifesting a huge hole in the bottom and the American waters gushing in to drown the victims.

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