The mystery of CBC’s disappearing The Council and Caught

Absent from CBC’s recently announced 2016/17 season were two previously announced series, The Council and Caught.

Playback quoted Sally Catto, general manager of programming at CBC, as saying The Council has been pushed back to fall of 2017 for “location and climate-related reasons” (the series was to be shot in Iqaluit and Manitoba), while Caught is delayed because of a financing issue. While it is still going ahead, she can’t provide a new air date yet.

The Council was originally announced for fall 2016. From showrunner René Balcer (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), the series “is set against the unfolding drama of our changing planet and draws inspiration from the true-to-life fight over the vast and valuable resources of the Arctic. The series traces the journey of two cops who uncover a small-town murder that is at the heart of a global conspiracy.”

Caught is the adaptation of a Lisa Moore novel originally announced for winter 2017, to be co-produced by Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco, who will also star. Caught is set in 1978 and follows a young man who was caught smuggling drugs to Newfoundland. After spending five years in prison, he breaks out in order to do one last drug run in a futile attempt to shake off his past and set himself up for life. Slaney embarks on a cross-country adventure filled with fascinating characters and close calls. ”

In response to fan reaction on Twitter, Hawco responded:




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  1. Damn. I was looking forward to both. I think the climate excuse is a crock. The north is the north and the show needs to adapt to what they are given.

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