Link: The awful, unending appeal of home-renovation shows

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

The awful, unending appeal of home-renovation shows
Don’t mock me: I’ve been watching the Love It or List It shows. Lots of people do. Real estate shows are a surefire draw. Love or List it Vancouver (W network) is mind-boggling. And not just the eye-watering real estate values. There is also the matter of Jillian Harris. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: The awful, unending appeal of home-renovation shows”

  1. I enjoy the Live it or List It shows. Previously I was also a big fan of Property Virgins and Buy Herself with Sandra Rinomato and I’m sorry she seems to have faded away from tv. I also liked Househunters although I eventually got tired of them. I can’t get into any other of the homo reno or real estate shows though. I rarely watch reality-type shows. The only time is when we have family staying over or when my husband and I are watching tv together and we have very little tv shows in common so end of channel surfing and watching Food Network or HGTV or Love it or List It.

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