Private Eyes nabs average of 1.4 million viewers

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  • For Two Consecutive Weeks, Private Eyes is the #1 Thursday Night Drama
  • Catch Up on Episodes of Private Eyes on and Global Go

Viewers can’t escape Private Eyes, as the latest original Global series delivered an impressive 1.4 million average viewers (2+) with season to date data for the series premiere (May 26) and episode two (June 2). As the #1 drama on both nights, the witty PI series starring Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson as Canada’s latest crime solving duo also won the 9 pm timeslot nationally.

The highly anticipated debut of Private Eyes had viewers buzzing on social media. The premiere episode was a Top 6 trending program Thursday night (May 26) on Twitter in both Canada and the US, with #PrivateEyes trending throughout the first two episodes. Online, Private Eyes continues to increase its audience on and Global Go, becoming the top property across both platforms.

On the next episode of Private Eyes (airing Thursday, June 9 at 9 pm ET/PT), Shade and Angie enter the adrenaline-charged world of high stakes horseracing when they are hired by a wealthy couple to track down their stolen prized possession and champion racehorse, Diamond Heist. As Shade and Angie work to find the stolen filly, they are drawn into a world of fixed races, animal activism, and black-market horse breeding. Meanwhile, Shade, never a stellar student, contemplates cheating on his upcoming P.I. exam, because as Angie insists, “no license, no job.”

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET/PT on Global. Viewers who missed an episode can catch up on Private Eyes following the broadcast the next day on and Global Go.

Source: Numeris Canada PPM Data, May 26 + June 2/16, Total Canada, A2+, STD as of June 6/16


4 thoughts on “Private Eyes nabs average of 1.4 million viewers”

  1. I’ve always made fun of my girlfriend’s detective shows, but not Private Eyes, I’m hooked especially on Cindy Sampson, now there is one SEXY WOMAN, let’s just hope this show lasts a little while, not a bad show for being Canadian.

  2. My wife and I enjoy the scenery of our old home town The Big Smoke. It kind of makes us both home sick. Having worked in the MTPD in the late 60s and early 70s. Apart from that the show has merit with a story line that is intriguing, that a single woman owning a P. I. business is an ex cops brat who has some mystery of her father’s death. To which is slowly becoming a story line in itself as it gets mentioned more and more during other episodes. With the right amount of bickering and the occasional quick wit of both P.I.s demonstrates a growing fondness between the owner and her green newbie who seems to have a knack for reading a situation quickly. The other factor that some can relate to the fact that a ex pro hockey players life isn’t all rosy and home and family life aren’t all cracked up to be as one think it should be. Separation, divorce and a young teenager with vision impairment makes it all more real too
    With the season finale coming up next week we hope it’s going to get more follow through. We were disappointed that Rookie Blue and Flashpoint didn’t get picked up again ..

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