Maxim Roy teases 19-2’s “huge betrayals” in Season 3

Maxim Roy may only appear in two episodes of 19-2 this season, but she makes the most of it. The Quebec native says Monday’s return episode is full of backstabbing and huge betrayals, and viewers will be shocked by the actions of some squad members.

We spoke to Roy about what’s next for Isabelle Latendresse following the death of Sgt. Julien Houle, and the relationship she has with Commander Gendron.

I’m so glad 19-2 is back, especially after Season 2’s finale with Sgt. Houle’s storyline. We needed to come back and have some closure.
Maxim Roy: I think everybody is. It was such a dramatic ending and every character on the show is so affected by that storyline. You didn’t see it coming and I think the audience was pretty shocked.

I thought Season 2 was pedal-to-the-metal and there wasn’t really any time to let up and take a breath.
Oh, really? I thought Season 2 was lighter than the first season. There were a lot more dramatic scenes that were cut out, so maybe that’s why I see it as being light. There were a lot of scenes that didn’t make the cut and they kept lighter moments. I think they were afraid of being too dramatic … that’s my opinion on it, but it was supposed to be even more dramatic. [Laughs.]

Well, there was the rookie cop having sex in the restaurant bathroom and the paintball fight had its moments of levity.
These are pretty dark characters. That’s what’s great about the show; everybody has their secrets, their own demons that they deal with and they try to put them aside on the job, but it doesn’t always happen. The show is more about the human drama of these people than the police work. They become intertwined, of course, but it’s more about them.

Masks are going to come off. You think somebody is good and realize they’re awful. It’s going to keep people on their toes.

Now, the press release for Season 3 says you return to ‘guest-star’ as Isabelle. Is this a case of the producers deciding to soft-pedal Isabelle’s story a bit, or did you have other commitments and couldn’t play a full-time role?
That was their decision. What happens to Isabelle is pretty shocking in the first episode, and then I can’t say anything … until the 10th episode people are going to be shocked.

Oh no…
But in a good way! Well, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but people are going to be shocked. This season is intertwined with the fourth season … we need a fourth season to see what happens because there is a big climax.

How many episodes is Isabelle in this season?

I better not end up having to talk to you again because Isabelle has been killed off.
I don’t die.

What can you tell me about Isabelle and the characters she interacts with? It looked like Commander Gendron was moving in on her, which was creepy and gross.
[Laughs.] I love that you describe it as creepy, because that’s what I think too. Bruce [Ramsay] is such an adorable guy. When we shot the pilot, I didn’t like him. I thought, ‘He’s gross, I don’t even want to stand beside him.’ I didn’t know Bruce at all, but he was so good in his character that I thought, ‘Who is this creepy dude that they’ve hired?!’ But that’s Gendron. Then I got to know Bruce and I fell in love with him. He is the funniest guy and he created this odd, surprising, slimy guy.

People are going to hate him even more in Season 3, I can say that. Especially in the first episode. There is a lot of backstabbing, and huge betrayals all over the place. Masks are going to come off. You think somebody is good and realize they’re awful. It’s going to keep people on their toes.

19-2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.