Investigations and more secrets on 19-2

Ben may have told Nick to walk away from the investigation into Kaz’s death, but we knew Nick would ignore his partner. Far from trusting anyone to find his cousin’s death, Nick does some digging on his own, uncovering plenty of secrets during “Rescue,” Monday’s new episode.

Nick investigates Kaz’s murder
Adrian Holmes deserves applause for his portrayal of Nick in the opening moments of “Rescue.” He’s literally haunted by his cousin’s death—there’s an all-to-brief scene in the home where the body was found—followed by him observing people laughing and playing in the sunshine while he, dressed in the black of mourning, aimlessly wanders the neighbourhood. That leads to him being introduced to Martine, a teenager stuck in the child welfare system, and a potential witness in Kaz’s disappearance. The only issue? Martine will work any angle to get out of her group home.


Tyler struggles with sobriety
The affable, likeable Tyler—who has been off booze for months now—makes one little post-workout mistake that sends him into a spiral, culminating in a truly sad sequence of events. The scenes prove how difficult it is to shake addiction without help.

Ben is … happy?
Chartier’s work-life balance seems to be perfect. This being 19-2, I don’t expect that to last.

Audrey & the Rookie vs. bike thieves
The bad guys never stood a chance.

19-2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.