Link: Kids’ CBC to rebrand

From Jeremy Dickson of Kidscreen:

Link: Kids’ CBC to rebrand
With a sharpened focus on interactivity across platforms, Canadian pubcaster Kids’ CBC will rebrand to CBC Kids this winter and introduce new content, hosts, puppet characters and a revamped set.

As part of the changes, this fall will be the last season on the network for longtime Kids’ CBC host and associate producer/writer Patty Sullivan.

The award-winning television presenter joined Kids’ CBC in 2003 after a nine-year stint as the host of Canadian provincial pubcaster TVO Kids. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Kids’ CBC to rebrand”

  1. My kids are getting less and less interested in regular tv. Since we got a smart tv, they’ve been all about youtube. They love selecting videos to watch. There are a bazillion videos of people trying out various toys, baking cakes, playacting their own show, etc., as well as music videos and dance videos. My girls in particular like this one series in which Anna and Elsa (from Frozen) are married with children and the maker of the series uses dolls and voices the characters and uses other toys as props. If I didn’t have a data cap on my internet, and I let them watch it all the time, they wouldnt watch regular tv but when I say no to youtube my 4-year-old demands Treehouse and my 6-year-old demands YTV.
    My kids in the past have watched CBC Kids but the problem with it is that CBC airs their kids block earlier and my kids tend to watch most of their tv between about 11am to 5pm (not the whole time though as I do make them play outside, do chores and stuff).

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