Comments and queries for the week of September 9

Who will win The Amazing Race Canada?

Even though Steph and Kristen seem like the likely winners, I am reminded of the hockey ladies who seemed the winners in their season only to fall short. Although it is reality TV, it is somewhat boring to see the same team win all the time. I agree that it was hard to see Frankie and Amy receive the wrong info from Ashley. I do not hold it against her as it would have betrayed her teammate, her father, who has done a lot to get them along in the race. —Jennifer

I just finished watching this episode of The Amazing Race Canada. I think Steph and Kristen may have a good chance of winning . They tend to be able to keep their cool under difficult circumstances. Joel and Ashley did well tonight, although I was disappointed to hear Ashley give wrong the information to Frankie and Amy. I felt sorry for Emmett … Jillian comes across as such a b**ch. I wonder if she is proud of the way she acts and sounds as she watches herself, especially in this episode? I would be happy to see Steph and Kristen or Ashley and Joel win. —Joyce

Wild Archaeology is must-see TV

When I was doing my bachelor’s degree in Canadian Studies at Brandon University a decade ago, I took a couple of electives in Aboriginal Archaeology and Anthropology (they have a whole department dedicated to it) and I really enjoyed the courses. I’m definitely going to have to check out this series. —Alicia

Production underway on The Beaverton

This is going to be terrible. The Beaverton is some of the most cringeworthy satire to grace the web; I can only imagine how terrible a live-action version will be. —Eric


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