Link: Why Shomi failed and why CraveTV is next

From Peter Nowak of Alphabeatic:

Link: Why shomi failed and why CraveTV is next
The Canadian streaming scene will get a little darker come the end of November, when Shomi closes its virtual doors. Unless, of course, someone else comes along before then to fill the void, but that’s a post for another time.

In the meantime, we’re left to puzzle out what happened to what was supposed to be Netflix’s biggest competitor in Canada. Continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “Link: Why Shomi failed and why CraveTV is next”

  1. “Netflix… started out with reruns of shows and old movies, but its main appeal has since evolved to original programming.”

    Something Shomi (and Crave) will never do. And please, don’t bring up Letterkenny, it’s terrific but it’s an outlier, not part of the core business the way original programming should be.

  2. I think Crave TV has a shot if Bell Media is more patient. There’s room for a couple streaming apps in our country. Netflix Canada doesn’t have unlimited content. My husband actually hates Netflix because there’s not much on there that appeals to him. He likes his reality drama series like Gold Rush, Jade Fever, Swamp People, etc. and he doesn’t like older movies. Right now he’s watched all the movies he wants to watch on there and now he sticks to satellite TV. We used to watch Netflix U.S. but about two years ago within a day of converting it to the U.S. version Netflix Canada kept returning and it got to be too much work.

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