Link: Heartland launches 10th anniversary season

From Anna Borowiecki of St. Albert Gazette:

Link: Heartland launches 10th anniversary season
I can’t see former St. Albert resident Mark Haroun’s face during our telephone interview from Calgary. But I do hear the smile in his voice. With good reason.

The co-executive producer and senior writer of Heartland has shepherded the popular CBC family drama through a decade of incredible growth, both in terms of storylines and audience. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Heartland launches 10th anniversary season”

  1. It surprises me that with Heartland’s success, CBC didn’t produce another family drama to air following Heartland on Sunday nights. I think there is a lack of quality family dramas on TV. Look at the leadouts for Heartland the past 5 years:

    2016 – This Life (a more adult drama with certain storylines that people looking for a “family” drama will be turned off of, ie. Maggie’s 3-way dating)
    2014 & 2015 – Canada’s Smartest Person (a game show)
    2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 – Battle of the Blades (a reality show)
    2012 – Over the Rainbow (a reality show)

    When Calls the Heart would have been a good pairing with Heartland but CBC aired that show in the summer. I’m just surprised that with Heartland being so successful domestically and internationally, that CBC hasn’t tried to replicate it. They have no many dramas in the pipeline right now but no family dramas. They should really consider a spinoff. After all, Heartland can’t last forever…

    1. It is a little surprising CBC hasn’t developed another family drama for Sunday nights. It certainly seems like an “odd man out” spot for everything prior to This Life. I think This Life is a pretty good fit on Sundays.

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