The Bachelorette Canada crushes hearts in Quebec

With just eight guys left on The Bachelorette Canada, Jasmine’s job is getting tougher. And, with Quebec City as the backdrop, she got a lot closer to her final decision.

As the episode began, Chris announced to producers that he wasn’t going to focus on his differences with Drew, but his connection with Jasmine. Smart move, considering Chris isn’t vying for Drew’s affections.

But it was Mike—and his eight-pack abs—who landed the first one-on-one date of the episode, with the two taking to the skies in a helicopter. (I’m hoping Mikhel gets a helicopter date so he can show off his skills.) The fact he’s a firefighter scored Mike points, and their connection over parental loss did too. The in-sky smooches sealed it, and he nabbed the first rose of the night, though the fact he’s not able to relocate—at this point, anyway—could cause some problems.

As for the first group date, Mikhel, Chris, Kevin P. and Thomas donned plaid lumberjack shirts and headed outside to hammer nails and chop and carry logs around in the woods. It was a physical date designed to spotlight prowess and determination, and some did better than others. Thomas (speaking in third person, no less) and Chris started off strong, but Chris faltered in the end and the former construction worker turned international model was tops in the competition. Not only did he get free time with Jasmine in a horse and carriage but they discussed the differences between Tom and Thomas, and what they do to get freaky. Kudos to Thomas for letting his guard down and singing—into a Two Oceans wine bottle—to Jasmine because he was rewarded a rose for it.


Second group date was reserved for Benoit, Kevin W. and Drew. Drew announced he was playing it coy with Jasmine, with fingers crossed she’d be intrigued by his mystery and seek him out. Speaking of fingers, everyone’s got a workout at a spa where massages and other spa treatments were doled out. The hook? Jasmine was blindfolded and had to guess who was touching her. Drew went first, running his oily fingers all over Jasmine, and that upset Kevin W. quite a bit. Benoit and his vibrating things performed a sensual manicure, and upset Kevin W. too. When it was his turn, Kevin W. took control of the pedicure and got Jasmine all hot and bothered. Jasmine successfully guessed who had performed what and, after fending off Benoit’s tongue, got serious with Drew and talked dogs, outside fireplaces, apple trees and his mom. Kevin W., meanwhile, was surprised by the jealousy he was feeling and showed it by giving Jasmine a bit of a cold shoulder. He was rewarded by … Drew receiving a rose.

After a surprisingly low-key episode compared to last week’s fireworks, Jasmine doled out the remaining roses to Mikhel, Kevin W., Benoit and Kevin P. Unfortunately, despite wanting to focus on Jasmine, she wasn’t interested in Chris, his lyrics … or kissing him. That led to the most awkward moment of the season, Chris’ demise, and a tearful exit.

“Just another broken dream,” he said, wiping away tears.

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The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on W Network.

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