2 thoughts on “Link: Shomi couldn’t show me”

  1. Thanks James Bawden for yet another anti-Canadian whine, and plugging ‘America The Great’, butt, you spelled neighbour and honour wrong – again. Why do you keep doing that, – eh ?

  2. I actually had just started hearing people talking about Shomi. My husband, who is the least informed person I know (the guy gets his news facts from rants of his Facebook friends) said one day out of the blue that we should try Shomi cause Netflix sucks. Apparently a friend told him about it. And my aunt got offered Shomi for a free month, tried it and was amazed that you could actually watch shows commercial-free with all the episodes already recorded for her (she obviously is knowledgeless about Netflix as she has about 500 VCR tapes of recorded shows she has admitted are pretty much only dust collectors). I think Shomi was increasing gradually in subscribers and it was growing at a rate most of us probably expected. I think the major problem was that Shaw/Rogers either A) didn’t have realistic goals or B) underestimated the cost involved or C) had actually believed more cable subscribers would like it as an add-on service rather than getting it standalone. I was actually liking having Shomi. It was improving gradually and I think Shaw made a mistake giving up too quickly. Because it was more readily available than Crave TV, Shomi had the upper hand.

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