Heartland welcomes a new face

Last week, it was animals that made an impact on Heartland. That was certainly the case again on Sunday, though a human dropped by and made a splash too.

“New Kid in Town” was as much about a horse named Hellion as it was a cocky cowboy who was a bit of a hellion himself. Clay McMurtry (played by Eric Gustafsson) is Casey’s nephew, and got under both Jade and Tim’s skin for the same reason: he’s insufferably arrogant. That, of course, led to lots of back and forth dialogue between all three. I’m a big fan of Jade (Madison Cheeatow) because she injects feistiness to storylines and that was certainly the case with Ken Craw’s script; an ultimate showdown between Jade and Clay took place to see who could stay on recovering bronco host Hellion the longest.


Clay stayed on longer, but it was obvious Hellion was bucking a lot harder when Jade was riding, so let’s give her the victory, shall we? Speaking of victories, it was a big one for Tim when he and Casey finally faced each other after months apart. The two made peace with their differences and sealed it with a kiss. I’m glad they’re reunited, but I hope that doesn’t dull the abrasive Tim I enjoy so much, especially when he’s needling Jack.

Jack, meanwhile, had his hands full helping Amy bring Hellion back to his bucking days after rehabbing from back surgery. They successfully pulled it off and I was happy to see Jack off his feet, on a horse and riding again.


Finally, Ty and Amy are prepping for parenthood. She built herself a super-cute changing table, unaware Ty was struggling with a decision. After seeing a trophy hunter standing over the carcass of a Gobi bear, he and Bob plotted a trip to Mongolia to help protect them. But Ty, recognizing the importance of staying with his wife, chose to stay put. The last we saw, Bob was off … and I can’t help but wonder if Georgie may decide Mongolia is on her bucket list. She sure looked like she was thinking about it.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.