Comments and queries for the week of October 28

Loving those Mohawk Girls

I’ve really liked this show from the beginning. The characters all seem real and relatable and the writing is actually fairly good at times with several truly funny moments, which is saying a lot because there are so many unfunny comedies on TV right now. There are a few rough spots in the writing and acting but I think that’s just because they are giving less experienced writers/actors a chance to learn/grow which is a good thing. —Alicia

Hating Bachelor Drew

I could not stand Drew and the possibility of him being on The Bachelor Canada would repel me from watching the show. How could you possibly even contemplate such a thought? He is self-centred, egotistical and a real douche. Since Day 1, when he was introduced and kept winking at the camera I have had a hate-on for the guy. Who does he think he is, he is such a jerk. If Mike (firefighter, paramedic) does not get chosen by Jasmine I think he would make a great Bachelor Canada. —Irene

The only way ratings will go down is NOT due to Drew’s departure…it will be because she let Thomas go….Drew is so full of himself!!!! —H

Who would want to see any more shows with this fake person on it? I cannot even believe that offer would be made to a person who acts like him, particularly his obnoxious performance when he was eliminated. Nobody wants to watch THE DREW show, except maybe DREW. Just an all around bad human being. At least the show will warn people off him and not allow the fake salesman into their lives. —Bev


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