Jasmine picks her final two on The Bachelorette Canada

After weeks on the emotional Bachelorette Canada roller coaster, Jasmine made a big step toward her final choice of bachelor when she made her two-man pick out of the three-man race.

Unfortunately, Mike was too slow and methodical in professing his love for Jasmine, and he departed heartbroken after she awarded Mikhel and Kevin the two roses available. Watching the episode, her decision wasn’t all that surprising, no matter how tough Kevin’s mom, Jill, was in her questioning. And it just proves how much of an emotional connection Jasmine and Kevin have if she chose to keep him rather than run screaming in the other direction.


And though I’m sad Mike and his abs were eliminated from the competition, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s chosen as the next Bachelor Canada. Not only is he good-looking, but his father—someone Mike respects immensely—would probably be behind it. He didn’t mince words when he told his son to loosen up and let fate take control once in awhile.


Mikhel, meanwhile, could have the inside track to Jasmine’s heart. He’s shown incredible emotional growth every week, culminating with a stellar hometown date where he laid his heart out there, professing love for Jasmine and being super-sensitive about it. The kicker—and I’m betting what sold Jasmine on Mikhel—was that motorcycle. It showed he can be dangerous, and we know Jasmine likes a little danger in her life. A fun family dinner with Mikhel’s family was the capper on a perfect date.


Kevin, who has been a contender for Jasmine’s heart since Day 1, continued to win her over by admitting he loved her, talking about his lack of confidence and giving her his last military medal. And though Jill proved to be a tough customer, Jasmine refused to back down and—I thought—stood up to Jill rather well.

Next week is Part 1 of the season finale, followed by the Men Tell All special and Jasmine’s final pick revealed on Nov. 22. Who do you think she’ll choose?

Who will Jasmine choose in the finale?

  • Mikhel (63%, 778 Votes)
  • Kevin (37%, 465 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,243

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Part 1 of The Bachelorette Canada finale airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on W Network.

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11 thoughts on “Jasmine picks her final two on The Bachelorette Canada”

  1. I am in absolute shock. She picked Kevin over Mike. Especially when the family made her super uncomfortable?
    The dude with the weird voice and talks like a dead beat jock over sweet mature fun Mike. Really???????????????????????????????????

  2. I can’t believe Jasmine sent Mike home!! He’s sensible to not rush in all gushy..Shows he’s wants to be 100% sure. It is a big decision after all… Hope she gets someone worth while after that stunned decision

  3. I absolutely love Mikhel! but I’m afraid she will pick Kevin! If Mikhel doesn’t win her heart he should be the next Bachelor Canada!!:)

  4. She is crazy if she picks Kevin. Can’t imagine having that loser guttersnipe of a woman for a MIL. I have a feeling she is going to pick him though.

  5. I prefer Kevin but for Jasmine’s sake I hope she prefers Mikhel so she doesn’t have to spend a lifetime being ground under the heel of that horrid Monster-in-law. Not only is she nasty but she seems to have an abnormal amount of control over the rest of the family!

    1. Love Kevin great choice. He puts his life on the line every day. The navy I am sure has made a man out of him.

  6. Mikhel is beyond sweet but I think he is not in the same league as Jasmine. He’s too boyish for her. Kevin is cute in his own way but he may not be a good fit either. He may reveal more temper tantrums into the relationship as they argue over the obsessed mama’s boy MIL. As for Mike I think he is very level headed and in my opinion would have been the best choice. He was the whole package! Too bad she didn’t see it.

    1. I definitely agree with MarilynM above ….I also absolutely love Mikhel! I don’t think Kevin is good for Jasmin! He is most definitely great guy for someone else….. :) Mike was super nice guy, but his feelings were not in place at the time…. Jasmin is not marring his family but him…. he should of fight for his true love… If Mikhel doesn’t win Jasmin’s heart he should be the next Bachelor Canada!! :)

  7. Ummmm… you don’t think Kevin has some mental issue?? His mother has to talk to him for hours when he has a bad day??? His bad day is more important than anyone else’s??? He feels sorry for himself in the fantasy room date and then comes back saying sorry??? Do you see any red flags??? Jasmine should pick a girl over him as she would most likely have less mood swings, LOL

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