Comments and queries for the week of November 11

Who will Jasmine choose as her bachelor?

Love Kevin, great choice. He puts his life on the line every day. The Navy, I am sure, has made a man out of him. —Michelle

Mikhel is beyond sweet, but I think he is not in the same league as Jasmine. He’s too boyish for her. Kevin is cute in his own way, but he may not be a good fit either. He may reveal more temper tantrums into the relationship as they argue over the obsessed mama’s boy mother-in-law. As for Mike, I think he is very level-headed and in my opinion would have been the best choice. He was the whole package! Too bad she didn’t see it. —Mbstamps

Never having felt Mike was a good choice for Jasmine in personality, I was not surprised he was sent home! Sensible, consistent yet terribly rigid (polar opposite to Jasmine’s free-spirit). Mikhel too is sensible, honourable, polite as well as considerate towards Jasmine of which I don’t feel Kevin would be as much. Kevin has an unhealthy relationship with his Mother—she appeared empowered knowing that should Jasmine injure her son’s feelings it would her shoulder(s) he would be crying on. Didn’t strike me as terribly healthy. She can’t protect her little boy forever from all the “women of the world” you know? Mikhel is sure-footed in how he professed his love for Jasmine, and without difficulty I might add! He absolutely has to be, for Kevin could never hold a candle to what Jasmine would get from a lifetime partner in Mikhel. Time will tell. —Brooke

If Drew is the next bachelor I don’t think I can watch this season. My Mac will be broken before the end of the first episode. —Mia

I prefer Kevin, but for Jasmine’s sake I hope she prefers Mikhel so she doesn’t have to spend a lifetime being ground under the heel of that horrid monster-in-law. Not only is she nasty, but she seems to have an abnormal amount of control over the rest of the family! —Mica


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