Comments and queries for the week of November 18

Reactions to The Bachelorette Canada: The Men Tell All

Everyone accepts that Drew is a total loser, however, that Andrew character is just as bad, but without Drew’s looks, dress sense or what passes for his charisma. How on earth did anyone consider Andrew a candidate for this show? What woman in her right mind would even consider him? —Fred

Who could stand weeks of that insincere, smug creep! I thought that comment was a joke when I heard it said to him, as he raged out looking every bit the loser he looked like the whole show. —BJ

Did you really expect anything different from this show? It’s formulaic, from the host to the editing to the “writing.” It just depresses me that it’s on Canadian television, and this counts as “Canadian content” for the broadcaster. —Chris

More Ride on YTV, please

Please, please do a Season 2. If you don’t I’m gonna die!! —Natalya

Praise for This Life‘s “Intervention”

Such a great episode! Everyone really brought their A-game. —Chris


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