The Travelers are on their most important mission yet

Last Monday’s episode of Travelers was quite the brain-blower, wasn’t it? What I assumed would be a first season full of “missions of the week” was thrown aside as MacLaren’s squad was captured by an unknown entity and questioned about what time they were from and what their tasks were.

The very fact Marcy, Carly, Trevor and Philip were asked when they were from opens up a possibility I’d never considered: travelers have been coming to this time from different eras and spaces. If that’s the case, storylines could end up being hard to follow and I have my fingers crossed creator Brad Wright doesn’t get too judicious with adding new characters. I like this core five and would rather concentrate on them.


Here’s a sneak preview to Monday’s new episode, “Helios 685,” written by Rebecca Hales and directed by Helen Shaver.

Those time of deaths continue to impress
Like Six Feet Under did killing off the folks who ended up in the Fisher’s funeral home, Travelers is very creative when it comes to the scenarios surrounding times of death. Tonight is no different.

Kevin McNulty alert!
Fans of Arctic Air rejoice! The former Mel Ivarson guests in tonight’s instalment as … we don’t learn his name. And Kyra Zagorsky is back as the smart-talking Dr. Delaney.

The truck driver wakes up
Remember the driver who was transporting the antimatter device in Episode 1? Well, he’s woken up from his coma and Major Gleason has questions to ask.

Monday’s mission is the most important yet
As MacLaren explains, what happened during the last episode must be put aside, as the events surrounding Helios 685—an asteroid on a collision course with Earth—have to be addressed. The asteroid is a big piece to the puzzle surrounding the future of the planet.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.