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From Jeanne Jakle of My San Antonio:

Travelers a refreshingly hopeful futuristic series
What the world needs now is love, but also hope, and that’s what new time-travel drama “Travelers” presents: a way to save mankind from a terrible future. Continue reading.

From Robert Rorke of The New York Post:

Eric McCormack changes things up for Netflix sci-fi thriller
“There’s a moodiness to the show. The narrative is gradual. The old network model was that every episode had to stand alone in case a person hasn’t seen the show. We are no longer babysitting people. It’s like, ‘Here’s the show: go!'” Continue reading.

From Curt Wagner of TV Show Patrol:

Travelers: Eric McCormack, Brad Wright look to present
“It struck me that for the last 10 or 15 years, we’ve been putting a version of ourselves out there, all of us, in social media that may or may not represent who we really are. It’s who we project. That kind of evolved and evolved and evolved, and became one of the assembly blocks for Travelers, starting with the Marcy character.” Continue reading.


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