Links: Ransom

From Victoria Nelli of The TV Junkies:

Sarah Greene previews Ransom
“I understood that there was something dark in her past and it interested me. It’s always interesting to me to play a character with layers and the audience doesn’t know the half of it yet. She’s trying to figure out who she is, she wants questions answered.  I was really intrigued after I read the pilot and then I got the job and I just really liked her storyline and I really liked where it was going.” Continue reading. 

From Roxanne Santo of Paste:

Penny Dreadful’s Sarah Greene on her new drama, Ransom, and the power of “difficult women”
“They don’t get the press involved, it’s all solved without anyone knowing what’s happened. These cases are usually solved within 24 to 48 hours, so that actually makes for great TV: it’s adrenaline, it’s fast paced.” Continue reading.

From Benjamin Lindsay of Rotten Tomatoes:

Sarah Greene reads minds and speaks body language in crime thriller Ransom
“They’re adrenaline junkies, basically. They don’t use weapons; they don’t use violence. They use their words and they try to figure out why someone is doing it. No one ever kidnaps someone just to be evil; their back is against a wall, they want something. The negotiators figure out what they want and help them get it.” Continue reading.

From Michael Starr of the New York Post:

New series goes inside top-secret hostage negotiations
“It’s a fascinating world I knew nothing about. There are something like 30,000 private kidnapping and hostage negotiations around the world each year. These guys travel all over the world, and their one job is to negotiate the safe return of loved ones … in all kinds of situations.” Continue reading.