Poll: What is your favourite new Canadian series of mid-season (so far)

UPDATE: Thanks to a late surge in votes (A.J. Buckley called on Supernatural fans for support), Pure took top spot in the poll with 42 per cent of the vote. Second place went to Mary Kills People with 38 per cent; Cardinal placed third with 15 per cent. Thank you to everyone who participated and spread the word on our poll and look for more in the coming weeks!

It’s February. The time of the year when snow and cold temperatures cause us to get a little grumpy and burrow down a little deeper into our warm beds or pull those blankets a little tighter around us.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of new Canadian television series to keep us entertained. No fewer than eight programs have bowed since January 1. Whether its tow truck drivers helping get traffic moving in Heavy Rescue: 401, small-town murder in Cardinal, doctor-assisted suicide in Mary Kills People, drug-running Mennonites in Pure or the struggles of motherhood via Workin’ Moms, there’s plenty to love this winter.

So, which two new Canadian series are your favourites so far? Let us know by voting below: select your choices and then click the Vote button below and to the right of Workin’ Moms. We’ll post the results in a few days so get voting and spread the word!

Favourite two new Canadian series of mid-season so far

  • Pure (36%, 2,322 Votes)
  • Mary Kills People (33%, 2,129 Votes)
  • Cardinal (13%, 805 Votes)
  • Heavy Rescue: 401 (10%, 633 Votes)
  • Workin' Moms (3%, 194 Votes)
  • Ransom (2%, 158 Votes)
  • Urban Vegetarian (2%, 129 Votes)
  • Chopped Canada Teen (1%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,549

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42 thoughts on “Poll: What is your favourite new Canadian series of mid-season (so far)”

  1. This season was very disappointing. We were so looking forward to Pure, but the background narrating is so very distracting, that it has been erased from my list forever.

    As for Cardinal, I am a lover of crime series and serial killers, but the show was a very big downer. I had added it to my list of “must see” shows, as it was Canadian. But with the main character being mad all the time, growling his voice to I imagine sound sexy, and it is just like nails on a chalk board, I had to shut it off after one show. His treatment of his colleague, being a woman, shows little respect for the opposite sex, which is in no way a great lesson to young viewers. It is now on the erase forever list.

    Workin’ Mom’s is an insult and a very poor way to show breast feeding to the youngest generation. The first thing I saw when it started was bare breast, which is totally unnecessary, as most of we mothers have dignity about breast feeding. I am not against it, but have compassion for others and their views. Now a no-show for sure.

    Mary kills people is just stupid, dumb, and no issue to be shown so carelessly, and one sided.

    The other shows show promise, but you wanted only two. I come from Toronto and have driven the 400’s many times, so it is nostalgic, and I love the great memories, now that I’ve moved away and can relive some of my childhood memories.

    Schitt’s Creek is awesome and we never miss it. Love Eugene Levy.

  2. Mary Kills People-What a dumb name for a show. The story line is dumb as well. Don’t think that show will last. Reality shows is where it’s at. Highway thru Hell and Heavy rescue 401. Mr. Dee and Schitt’s Creek are the only watchable Canadian made shows on right now. Sad :(

    1. Your comment tell me you didn’t watch the two episodes of it, otherwise you would never leave a stupid comment like this. Assisted suicide is a very actual topic and the name of that great show with also great cast nailed it perfectly, bc Mary does kill people. Watch it and you will love it.

  3. Need to Congratulate Sonny on Rescue hwy 401 as it is a dangerous job and his effort to help people

  4. Mary kills people is so shallow and unintelligent in delivering what could be an interesting premise… dissapointing.

  5. Cardinal is great. Billy Campbell nails the main role and the show nails winter and Canada. Read John Doyle’s review and watch this excellent example of what can be done in this country. World class, eh?

  6. I think Mary kills people is a good show for what we’ve seen so far! The subject is quite controversial of course, but this makes the series even more interesting imho.. moreover it’s something we’ve never seen before!

  7. Wow, CARDINAL. Just… WOW.

    Must say I’m not sure how the previous commenter ever gets into a show. She seems incapable of delaying judgement long enough to reach even a second episode, prematurely condemning shows to her ‘Erase Forever List’, for being ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’, ‘distracting’, not exactly deep descriptors there. One wonders if she’s ever liked a show requiring even a smidgen of patience. Often (for grown folk) suspense is the better part of fun. As with the natural conclusion of foreplay, some things are just worth the wait.

    That goes in spades for CARDINAL. Holy hell, I think the fellow from the Globe & Mail was right (the real reviewer– who’s very job description might well be PATIENCE) when he called it ‘LANDMARK CANADIAN TV’. I haven’t seen anything like it in Canada, and I’m damned well excited to give it the chance it deserves based on the STELLAR ‘slow-burn’ first episode (despite the lead character’s gravelly voice and his treatment of the female partner, which, in fairness, is how he treats everyone else in the episode. Jesus, what’s with you, Marie?).

    And BRAVO to Workin’ Mom for the bared breast, for tackling head-on a controversy that should be utterly non-controversial. It’s a breast, for ?&%! sake! Everybody has’em; men, women, transgendered. There are genuinely disgusting things in this world and a glimpse of nursing teat just isn’t one of’em. Grow up.

    I do, however, agree with Marie re: Eugene Levy. Love him, always have, always will. On Second City or up Schitt’s Creek, he’s a master of comedy.

    But CARDINAL? …You’d think CTV was HBO, it’s THAT GOOD.

  8. I watched the first episode and then waited for my wife to come home from work so we could watch it again,after watching i couldn’t say anything more than WOW! and more Wow’s,then the long wait for the next episode,which we watched this morning(we TIVO just about everything these days)Now the long wait for episode 3,4,5,6.Can’t wait,very enjoyable to watch,I on the edge of my seat and then we watch it again just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

  9. I have really enjoyed both eps CARDINAL (first, best overall) and MARY (second, love the controversial subject). RANSOM, haven’t seen second eps.,, first didn’t catch me :-(
    Must admit, I haven’t watched any of the reality, no time lately.

  10. I watch 3 shows, Mary Kills People, Cardinal and Pure…all great shows with great storylines. Too much negativity out there about shows that touch upon subjects other countries or networks wouldn’t even think of.
    I don’t even watch the new American shows and I’ve dropped the ones I was watching because they’re all starting to look the same…no originality.
    I’m very proud of Canadian shows and their content

  11. I love how Mary Kills People can take such a heavy subject and inject an air of delightful humour into it. Plus the gripping story lines with cliffhangers all over the place. I don’t usually watch Canadian shows but this one hooked me hard.

  12. Mary Kill People for me – great acting by all, Jay Ryan in it, great script and love how they manage to inject lightness in it – one episode can scare you, move you and make you laugh.

  13. CBC’s Pure knocks it out of the park! Suberb cast & brilliantly acted. Cinematography is also top notch.
    Gripping story has you on the edge of your seat from week to week. Simply excellent!

  14. I loved Mary Kills People! Controversial and intriguing . The script is very well written and thoughtful. One of the best Canadian shows I’ve seen oit there in years. I hope there’s a second season to this series!!

  15. Pure is outstanding! Great acting, a story line that is different, the scenery is gorgeous
    Love that we are being introduced to some new Canadian actors, what great talent we have in our country

  16. Cardinal is riveting. We usually give a series three episodes before we decide to continue. We just needed 3 minutes in the first episode.

  17. The wonderful 6 episodes drama Mary kills people swept me off my seat since 2 episodes aired on global TV recently. It deserves on be on top of the list.
    Stunning Caroline Dhavernas (Hannibal) plays Mary, a doctor who is helping ill people to go to the other side smoothly. Her helping hand is Des, played by handsome actor Richard Short (Public enemy).
    Beauty and the beast Kiwi hunk
    Jay Ryan ( plays Ben/Joel) is trying to
    expose Mary with
    his partner Frank, played by Lyric Bent (Book of Negros)
    Awesome and always actual topic of assisted suicide which deserves to be on top of the list in this poll. I love the show of the Canadian Producer Sisters Cameron, Amy and Tassie and I have my fingers crossed we will have a renewal of a second season and more…

  18. I love Mary kills people. Great performances, excellent script. Can’t wait to watch more. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  19. Pure (CBC) is a phenomenal show which is so well cast that it stands head & shoulders above the rest.
    Hoping for more next year!

  20. I love the time slot for Pure in Ontario. It comes right after the Murdock Mysteries which I love. Pure is great, love it! I look forward to Mondays where I can watch it!

  21. Pure is a phenomenal show with a great cast that stands head and shoulders above the rest!
    I am hoping for more next year!

  22. Mary Kills People is the most ogirinal. They deserve kudos for the wa they talk about such a hard topic in a open light and serious tone at once.
    it is written and directed amazingly and the cast gives you real emotions. Way to go.

  23. PURE, plain and simple! 

    While Pure started off really REALLY Hokey (eps 1 and 2), it has now settled into a super show with great cliff hangers (so far ep 3 and 5 have knocked it out of the park with fantastic writing and cliff hangers). 

    With one more episode to go, I now can’t wait to see how this ends.  I’m not sure how they will end it, (and by the time I am writing this, it’s already finalized how it ends), however I hope that it has such a great cliff hanger that it lends itself to a second season (if CBC runs with it again).  The potential of further material to do more seasons on this premise is huge – as I’ve researched some of this stuff in the past – and I can see more future in this show. 

    When I first heard about this production in 2016, I was so curious how this show would go, and I have now been totally blown away by the cast, directing, writing and creativity.  As said at the start, the first 2 eps were really hokey, but now it really has me hooked! 

    Thanks, CBC, for having the guts to go with this show.

  24. Cardinal and Pure. Both of them are Great Shows! The aesthetics snd pace of Cardinal reminds me the Masterpiece Mysteries series. It is that good.

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