Link: Murdoch Mysteries by the numbers

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Link: Murdoch Mysteries by the numbers
Now in its 10th season, the show is based on the book series by Maureen Jennings and is broadcast all over the globe. In Canada, though, you can catch it Mondays on CBC. A snapshot of the show, by the numbers.

230: murders solved, at least, during the show’s run.

985: days spent filming. So far, production crew has set up shop in places including Toronto, Hamilton, the Vancouver area, Drumheller, Alta., and Bristol, England.

3: made-for-TV movies broadcast before the television series debuted. In the films, which aired in 2004 and 2005, Peter Outerbridge played Murdoch, with Keeley Hawes as Dr. Julia Ogden, Matthew MacFadzean as George Crabtree, and Colm Meaney as Insp. Brackenreid. Continue reading.