Links: X Company

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: X Company: Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern talk “Naqam”
“We were inspired by some stories we had read about schools for Hitler youths and how the instructors would allow the boys to pit themselves against each other. They were all about letting the pack eliminate the weak among themselves. It was something you tended to see among the boys’ organizations so we extrapolated that the girls would have done similar things.” Continue reading.

Link: X Company: Madeleine Knight on Heidi’s fate 
“We had such a great time together and a lot of fun together, especially on long days. We would get very delirious and got along really well. She has so much television experience, and this is one of my first TV gigs, so she was so helpful and I learned a lot from her. I really appreciated that.” Continue reading.

Link: X Company’s Aurora Luft: The feminist icon you need to know
Aurora Luft isn’t a name that many television viewers know and, frankly, that’s a travesty. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why my emotions run the gamut of feeling fortunate, sad, frustrated and everywhere in between when I think too much about how, outside of Canada, no one really knows the brilliance of Aurora or X Company. The CBC WWII drama about Allied spies is one of those rare shows that is perfect from the top down every week. Continue reading.