Comments and queries for the week of March 10

For Hard Rock Medical producers/directors … I’m very disappointed that Danielle Bourgon seems to have only eight-second parts to play in this series. She is a superb actor and I do wish you would write her into the series much more than you are doing. HRM is becoming increasingly uninteresting to watch because of “key” players not being featured. Sometimes Danielle isn’t in an episode at all! Why waste this woman’s time? She’s a very skilled actor and not being utilized. Thanks. —Terry

My husband and I used to LOVE watching the Leave it to Bryan show! We loved seeing how he fixed things and the renovation part gave us a lot of how to do it yourself ideas! Since his wife joined the show, we never watch it anymore and we miss it! We don’t watch it because we don’t want to waste our time seeing them argue back and forth about this and that and see all the drama! We just want to see how building and renos are done! Please, just cut out all the “reality TV drama” and get back to showing Bryan do what he does best (by himself!). —Karen

How can we in the U.S. see or purchase DVDs of X Company? —Patty

Unfortunately, you can’t watch X Company anywhere in the U.S. yet but you can buy Season 1 and 2 on Amazon. 

We love this series. So sad but so part of our history; both my father and father-in-law were part of this horrid war. My father-in-law until this day, at 97, will not talk about it even if he could. He was on the frigate boat that sunk one of the last of the German U-Boats. I have thanked them for many years for making our life what it is today. —Bett


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