Comments and queries for the week of March 17

I watch Jade Fever a lot and have operated heavy equipment for 30 years. Just wondering why at the end of the season you don’t properly get all heavy equipment in for winter storage and then leave at mining site? These long trips back and forth are doing a lot of damage to these two machines. The excavator and bulldozer are not designed for this much punishment; this is why we have flatbed trailers to move to each of our sites on short or long trips. And in winter they are stored on-site. —Bruce

I very much liked This Life. Well-produced with top-notch performances. Tori Higginson was a joy to watch. —Edward

I knew this was coming on Saving Hope when Alex made that promise at the end of last season. No TV hospital drama romance is ever smooth sailing, so we can’t expect that from Charlie and Alex, especially considering their circumstances. I’m siding with Charlie though, look at the real, physical signs. Alex shouldn’t live her life in fear. Good start to the season, I know it’s going to be a good one. —Hallie

This show is just too good to end. Somebody, please save the show. It’s amazing 😀😀😀😀😀 all good things don’t have to end. Use your imagination and make a Lifetime story of it. People come and go in the hospital and there is always a story to tell. 😢😢Please, please save the show. —Jessica

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  1. 2 Comments re: Anne of Green Gables

    love the casting! Hope you will be faithful to the book!

    Somebody please!!!! Please make available some of these excellent fashions!!! Marilla’s dresses, Anne’s dresses… you could start a new fashion phenomena… or revive and old one!!

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