Comments and queries for the week of March 31

Hi, I just happened to see the show The Goods and now I am hooked. Thanks for everything, it’s so great to watch just before I leave for work. —Janet

Please find attached a link to an important part of Canadian history that was completely missed on Canada: The Story of Us. The show, while extremely well done, overlooked Acadian people of the Maritime provinces. —Ron

It’s disappointing that both X Company and Orphan Black won’t be coming back. Such great shows which were ended too soon! Now I’m waiting impatiently to find out the news for Workin’ Moms and Anne. —Alicia

I am thrilled to hear about Heartland, Season 11. Best show going in my opinion. Love all the actors and each episode has a teachable moment, through words of wisdom, that everyone can benefit and learn something from. Just love Heartland! —Janet


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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of March 31”

  1. I usually steer clear of Daytime TV but my PVR is broken so lately I’ve had to watch more live tv (oh the horrors!) and I was pleasantly surprised that The Goods is actually pretty good. The personalities of all 4 of the hosts work well together.

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