Link: Nova Scotia premier says Story of Us miniseries must be corrected

From Michael MacDonald of The Canadian Press:

Link: Nova Scotia premier says Story of Us miniseries must be corrected
The premier of Nova Scotia has added his voice to a growing chorus of complaints about a TV docu-drama about Canada’s history.

Stephen McNeil said the CBC program Canada: The Story of Us was wrong to assert that the country’s first permanent European settlement was established in 1608 near what is now Quebec City.

The premier said the history of Canada started three years earlier, when French explorer Samuel de Champlain founded a settlement at Port Royal, N.S., now a national historic site in his riding. Continue reading. 


2 thoughts on “Link: Nova Scotia premier says Story of Us miniseries must be corrected”

  1. I agree with the complainers. This isn’t the first example of Central Canada’s viewpoint getting preferential treatment. Look to Manitoba-Saskatchewan and the tale of Louis Riel. I have visited Louis Riel’s grave and I have been to several of the historic sites and read many of the local historical accounts of the last quarter of the 19th century there. He was a hero to many here and was even respected for some time by many of the white settlers (the ones who came prior to Hudson’s Bay selling their territory to Canada). I had seen contrary accounts of the events in Canadian history textbooks but it still astounded me when I was in Ottawa and came across a monument to Macdonald and his compatriots who managed to save Canada from the traitorous Louis Riel and his Metis hordes, or something to that effect (the exact wording is lost to me now). Western Canada has often had differing viewpoints across historical events from Central Canada (which we actually just call Eastern Canada here because the centre point, longitudinally at least, of Canada is technically in Manitoba). Another example is that Pierre Trudeau, supposedly beloved in Canada and one of its best prime ministers in Canada, was hated in the West.

  2. I love your series and just watched the war of 1812 episode. Even though I am from the USA I like this program. Now the first error I saw was the first permanent settlement but you already know the error. However, I am a reenactor and noticed something strange. Where are the many Brown Bess English muskets? Most of the program showed the NativeAmericans
    (War of 1812) and even the British firing French Charleville muskets that were later (1800) rebranded Springfields. The ball was 69 caliber and was smaller then the Brown Bess ball. Most weapons and ball had to be coming from England, not France during that time.

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